Of course I’m nervous

Tomorrow the students return to school. I’ll have 53 freshman (in three sections), 16 sophomores from our tech academy, and 14 “college” students, who are actually seniors in a Dual Enrollment class. I am excited to be teaching both ends of what our school has to offer me at once. My curriculum is going to be heavy in grammar in all levels, and doing that in fun, measurable ways is going to be a challenge. The theme for my underclassmen year is “English by the Numbers.” We’ll be paying attention to the numbers in the Comp 101, too, but not in the same way.

I’m going to ask students to measure the time they read, and the number of pages they read each reading session. They will also graph how many days they read each week. That might be all for reading. Perhaps they should graph how much they enjoyed each book? How long it took them to read it? Those might make the list.

For writing we’ll be using the heck of the the six traits rubric. They’ll be asked to score themselves first. They’ll be asked to score many pieces they write and graph the results.

There will be numbers, numbers, numbers. Will I survive it? That remains to be seen. But tomorrow will be the start. The we-can-do-this-together day. I have to try to sleep. Your prayers appreciated.


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