Once more into the breach

It’s hard to believe the last post was only a week ago. When I think about how I was feeling then, all that I still had to accomplish, and the huge unknown of all those students, it seems distant, even though we’re now only four school days into the year. Last week I began getting to know my students. It is a fun process. With my lower grades we went through several activities that asked students to examine personal voice through their roles in life. Then they explained the words they say in the role to a classmate, who interviewed them and delivered a short oral introduction. This weekend two classes of the four will be writing an essay to introduce themselves in the voice of a parent or guardian. The other two will write it tomorrow or the next day. Getting started is tricky, particularly this year when there have been so many changes and assemblies, so two classes are behind. No matter, we have time to work together now. But the first thing is to get their buy-in. I think I may have already begun to do so with some of them. One of the foundational ideas I must get across is that I see them as individuals. With this group, it will be easy to do this. I’ve taken most of their pictures and begun a database in my phone. I’ve learned most of their names–just a few left–and I know that counts for something. So far, they are charming. Well-behaved (mostly), willing, and ready to learn, what teacher could ask for more?

And me? Well, I just love the classroom. I’m not where I want to be just yet, meaning I still have to get more things written down, get my website approved, and the plans I’ve been thinking about fleshed out, but I think I’ve made a good start. This year will be wonderful for one reason. I am working with a much larger portion of my brain than I did last year. Because of a disintegrating disk in my lumbar spine, my life last year was mostly governed by pain management. And that meant pain meds. After a successful fusion surgery on June 14, I am not completely free of the need for meds, but I take only a small percentage of what was necessary to get through the day last year. Hallelujah! I can think again!

Thank you, God for a good surgeon and a chance to share Your love yet again.  And thank you for these lovely students!


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