It’s ridiculous how much I love him

I may live to regret it, but rather than beat myself up for not doing enough of my own writing, I’ve decided to participate in this 30 day blogging challenge along with @_SimplySara_. After all, misery loves company, right? And I often just need a prompt.

Day One is about relationships. Now, I could follow Sara’s lead and tell you a little about the many relationships in my life, but I’d rather just tell you about my fella. We’ve been loving each other for 32 years now, and I know it’s sappy but I think our relationship is still getting better. Now, as you might imagine, after 32 years neither one of us is getting substantially better. Health problems crop up, we’re both starting to forget more things, but the way we feel about each other is still pretty darn wonderful.

Dennis is not the man I imagined I’d marry when I was young. I was into stocky blond types with big muscles. My guy is tall and lean, with hair that used to be dark brown. So, what did I fall in love with? His voice, his style, his sense of humor, his willingness to have fun. Over the years I’ve also come to love his character, his work ethic, and of course, the way he loves me. It’s been back to just the two of us for a couple years now, and we’re not tired of each other one bit.

So, what makes a marriage work for 32 years? Giving, loving, biting your tongue sometimes, talking, laughing, shared interests, a few routines, and good sex. How do you make all that happen? The only advice my mother ever gave me works; when you’re feeling aggravated or not getting along, treat him just like you treated him when you were first married. Now, that was so long ago that I doubt I ever do that anymore, but you get the idea. The other tip is an easy one. Simply ask yourself this question: What’s it like to be married to me? Doesn’t take much reflection to see how this gets results. That golden rule really is golden.

If we’re celebrating relationships today, I’ve got a reason to have a great time. Sure hope you do, too.


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